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...“extra fossils“ in pollen slides


(sub-)fossil type

Taxonomical Group


Type description

Bakker et al. 1982: Monoseptate ascospores, c. 26 x 16 micron including the lobed perisporium up to 2.5 micron high, at the places of attachment to the cell surface with a pattern of small granules of c. 0.3 micron. Spores constricted at the septum, but this is sometimes obscured by the perisporium.


First publication

Bakker R, van Smeerdijk DG (1982) A palaecological study of a Late Holocene section from 'Het Ilperweld', W. Netherlands. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 36:95-163.

Zopfia spec.

correspondance to recent taxa

Zopfia spec. 85µm (by Schlütz Frank)