(sub-)fossil type

Taxonomical Group

Type description
Bos et al 2005: The ascospores are dark-brown, ellipsoidal, (51–)58–69(–79) X 33–41 µm, with 5–6 subapical pores in a pseudocircle. The other end shows the remains of an originally cellular, or gelatinous (not fossilised), eccentrically placed appendage. The base of this appendage is about 12 µm in diameter, with a small central pore.


First publication
Bos JAA, van Geel B, Groenewoudt BJ, Lauwerier RCGM (2005) Early Holocene environmental change, the presence and disappearance of early Mesolithic habitation near Zutphen (The Netherlands). Veg. Hist. Archaeobot. 15:27-43.


correspondance to recent taxa

Bombardioidea-type (by Schlütz Frank)

Bombardioidea-type (by Schlütz Frank)