(sub-)fossil type

Taxonomical Group

Type description
Pals et al. 1980: leaf spines, consisting of a single thickened cell, narrowly elongate and sharply pointed, bearing at its base the impression of attachment to adjacent cells.


First publication
Pals JP, van Geel B, Delfos A (1980) Palaeoecological studies in the Klokkeweel bog near Hoogkarspel (prov of Noord-Holland). Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 30:371-418.

Ceratophyllum sp.

correspondance to recent taxa

Zambratija, Croatia (by Koraljka Bakrač)

Ceratophyllum_moden_RyaboginaN (by Natalia Ryabogina)

Ceratophyllum sp. (by Schlütz Frank)

Ceratophyllum sp. (by Schlütz Frank)