(sub-)fossil type

Taxonomical Group

Type description
Shumilovskikh et al 2015: round to elongated, brown to dark-brown, size of 73–137 μm, with 2–4 μm protuberances on surface at regular intervals of 8–13 μm from each other.


First publication
Shumilovskikh LS, Schlütz F, Achterberg I, Bauerochse A, Leuschner HH (2015) The development of the raised bog “Borsteler Moor” (Lower Saxony, Germany) based on non-pollen palynomorph data. Studia Quaternaria 32: 5-18.

Zygospores of Mucor

correspondance to recent taxa

BM 5_Shumilovskikh et al 2015

BM 5_Shumilovskikh et al 2015