(sub-)fossil type

Taxonomical Group

Type description
Shumilovskikh et al 2015a: pale brown conidia of 38–40 × 10–12 μm, consisting of one truncate cell with 3 vertical straight or slightly curved cylindrical 8-septate arms of more or less similar length, arranged close to each other.


First publication
Shumilovskikh LS, Schlütz F, Achterberg I, Bauerochse A, Leuschner HH (2015) The development of the raised bog “Borsteler Moor” (Lower Saxony, Germany) based on non-pollen palynomorph data. Studia Quaternaria 32: 5-18.

Dictyosporium australiense

correspondance to recent taxa

BM 4_Shumilovskikh et al 2015