(sub-)fossil type

Taxonomical Group

Type description
Shumilovskikh et al 2015a: 3-celled rhomboid fungal spores, 27–28 × 10–12 μm. The upper two brown-coloured cells are divided by a septum with a dark-brown rim of 6–7 μm breadth and the lower cell is hyaline with a pore of 1 μm.


First publication
Shumilovskikh LS, Schlütz F, Achterberg I, Bauerochse A, Leuschner HH (2015) The development of the raised bog “Borsteler Moor” (Lower Saxony, Germany) based on non-pollen palynomorph data. Studia Quaternaria 32: 5-18.


correspondance to recent taxa

BM 2_Shumilovskikh et al 2015